April 7th / 31 min

Bonus Episode: Remote Work for Design Teams: Lessons in leadership, collaboration, and culture

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Abby Sinnott, Greg Storey and Ben Goldman

Abby Sinnott, Greg Storey and Ben Goldman

Managing Editor (Sinnott), Senior Director of Executive Programs (Storey), and Director of InVision Films (Goldman) at InVision
About The Episode

We’ve just published a new book on DesignBetter.com called Remote Work for Design Teams, to help you make a graceful transition from the office to a remote work environment. In this bonus episode, we speak with the authors of the book (all from InVision): Abby Sinnott, Managing Editor, Greg Storey, Senior Director of Executive Programs, and Ben Goldman, Director of InVision Films.

We chat with Abby, Greg and Ben about their own remote collaboration and teamwork while writing this book, which the team turned around in record time. We also review some tips for leaders during this crisis, and discuss why being productive at work shouldn’t necessarily be top priority for everyone on the team.

If your team needs a little helping hand during these challenging times, you can head over to designbetter.com/remotework, and download the book for free.

In this episode, you’ll learn::

  • The non-obvious advantages of being a distributed team when creating this book
  • How remote work lends itself to both divergent and convergent modes of creativity
  • Why remote collaboration can build trust through vulnerability

Meet Your Hosts

Aarron Walter
VP of Design Education

As the VP of Design Education at InVision, Aarron Walter draws upon 15 years of experience running product teams and teaching design to help companies enact design best practices. Aarron founded the UX practice at MailChimp and helped grow the product from a few thousand users to more than 10 million.

He is the author of the best selling book Designing for Emotion from A Book Apart. You’ll find Aarron on Twitter and Medium sharing thoughts on design. Learn more at http://aarronwalter.com.

Eli Woolery
Director of Design Education

Eli is the Director of Design Education at InVision. His design career spans both physical and digital products, and he has worked with companies ranging from startups (his own and others) to Fortune 500 companies.

In addition to his background in product and industrial design, he has been a professional photographer and filmmaker. He teaches the senior capstone class Implementation to undergraduate Product Designers at Stanford University. You can find Eli on Twitter and Medium.

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